Firstly I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Crissy Lopez and I have been working within recruitment for the past 12 years but have now taken a (very exciting) sideways step and have moved in to Digital Marketing within the recruitment sector. I will be writing short blogs about what’s happening within the industry and hints and tips that might help candidates and clients alike as well as putting a human voice behind what us recruitment folk get up to.

So, what do I write for my first blog????……….. I have ummed and ahhhhed about what to write…… shall I go with the subject of yesterday’s budget and how this will “Affect the Recruitment Industry” or perhaps as it’s the 1st day of Spring, I should go with a “Fresh Spring Approach to Recruitment”?? Neither seem quite right, so I have decided my first blog should be about something closer to home, our two Co-Directors Nikola Cook and Lucy Parker, both are inspiring business women who have proven that taking the plunge and leaving a stable job, can have great rewards.

After working for separate recruitment companies Lucy and Nikola both had young families and required flexibility at work, alongside often dreaming of running their own business. So in January 2010 they took a wild leap and stepped out of their comfort zones and although there has been many up’s and down’s, along with a massive learning curve they are both loving every minute of running a successful business alongside managing a hectic home life with 2 small children each!

Although running your own business is not for everyone, it does show that if you take a leap of faith in yourself and see what’s on offer, your perfect job may be just round the corner.

If you’re not happy in your current role it is only you that can change it, life is for living and not for sitting around in a job you’re not enjoying……this then leads me on to my next blog…….5 tell-tale signs it’s time to leave your current job.